Virtual Assistant Services

What are they and who are BOOST?
Why work with a virtual assistant?

You may have tasks that need to be done but…

…no one has the skills or time to do them effectively.

Therefore working with a virtual assistant can allow current employees to focus on their own goals. Also, a VA can support sole traders who don’t have the team. Or perhaps the boss that needs support with their own workload – sleeping at the office is not the aim of any owner, so they get that elusive work/life balance by using the support.

Who we are

Laura, the founder of BOOST, has created an organisation passionate about changing mindsets on handling workloads/ enjoying work & taking the “busy” out of business, empowering companies to focus on efficiencies, productivity and the power of positivity. So we offer a range of services to help uplift SME progress – from admin support, to system development to publicity/ social media management and event coordination. All of the services are designed to give companies the ability to work smarter not harder and outsource tasks, so that owners/managers have more time to BOOST their business. 



What we’ve done

We have a wealth of experience, ranging from running the operations & sales of companies to being on voluntary business organisation boards – we know there are a variety of woes that come with running a business and are passionate about using our experience to put the fun back into the functioning of the company.

– Running business awards/ networking events/ charity functions (nationally and internationally)

– Generating and writing PR/press releases/ award applications, and winning, over 7 awards for one company.

– Dealing with the day to day operations of running a company, recruiting/ managing/training teams and a variety of travel/operation logistics.

– Creating, tracking and analysing a company budget, resulting in efficiencies that lead to the rapid expansion of an SME.

– Developing marketing campaigns, sales team strategies and training teams on effective lead generation/maintenance.

– Managing retail and hospitality customer service and creating an ethos within every setting/company around positivity and gold star customer service


  • Find the joy in the little things
  • Have the strength to sweep away dark clouds during difficult situations and bounce back
  • Embrace change
  • Find opportunity in challenges
  • Tailor to suit needs and support the individual
  • Show others kindness
  • Support and uplift each other
  • Put achievements at the front of the mind and see failures as learnings
  • “look for what is there not what is missing”