Taking the ‘busy’ out of business to…

BOOST your work/life balance

As your support system, we can handle your dull/daunting tasks, so you can focus on progress/ going home on time.

SUPPORT your SME’s development

Together we can develop & implement processes/systems so your SME can become efficient & effective.

UPLIFT your brand

We can help shine a light on your brand, whether it be through social media, events or networking, so your customers, staff & local partners can celebrate your awesomeness with you.

Helping you work smarter, not harder

Why work with BOOST?

Our BOOST reports show you the ‘return on investment’ for using our services, so you can see the productivity & any savings made – powerful data to help you with your next steps. Founder Laura Woodward-Drake is passionate about empowering companies with data & uplifting local businesses, providing support that brings joy back in to running a company.

Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Not sure what to outsource? Take some time to think about your general day, week or upcoming month of work (or even year, if there is something in the calendar creeping up on you/ needed to help the company progress) and separate tasks into the lists below.

List 2 and 3 are things that could be outsourced and a FREE BOOST discovery call can help you understand how much time each task needs, if you are unsure of how long the piece of string is.

Tasks you work on because they:

  • are something only you can do with your experience/skills/position
  • help progress the company financially
  • are something you enjoy (don’t give these away – you have to enjoy your job!)


Need a BOOST?

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